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Introduction to Journler and AppleScript

With the latest update Journler now includes a default set of AppleScripts. I’m hoping the scripts will serve as useful examples for folks looking to automate Journler or add functionality to the program. Journler’s scripting dictionary is comprehensive, and the community is already taking advantage of it.

Not everyone will know about the scripts though. Auto-updaters and beta testers update using a different process, and even users who do download the 2.5.2 disk image may completely skip the Additional folder that’s included.

AppleScript is an awesome way to customize Journler, and I’d really like to encourage everyone to take an active part in creating their own scripts. To ensure we’re all on the same page I’m uploading the new scripts as an independent download. I’d also like to talk about the scripts for a sec. This has the additional advantage of permitting me to introduce a new category to the blog: AppleScripts.

Download the 2.5.2 default AppleScripts.

Scripting an app ain’t always easy. Even the most hardened scripters will run into problems as they adjust to the peculiarities of each application. It’s no different with Journler. Before you get started make sure you have a basic understanding of AppleScript. Next you’ll want to be familiar with Journler’s AppleScript dictionary and the AppleScript page at For additional help drop by the Journler Scripting Forum or the MacScripter webpage. And of course be sure to actually have a look at the scripts with Script Editor.

Add My Contact Info to Journler
This script demonstrates Journler’s ability to interact with Address Book. It’s a simple script that gets your contact info from AB and adds it to a new entry/resource combo in Journler.

Append Tags to Selection
This script extends Journler’s functionality by adding a feature many users have requested. It’s possible to change the tags on a number of entries simultaneously but not without completely replacing the old tags with the new ones. Use this script to append new tags to the selected entries instead.

Highlight in Text
Highlight in text is an example of Journler’s interface support with AppleScript. It’s a super simple script that highlights a word or phrase of your choosing in the selected entry or resource. If an entry is selected every occurrence of the word is highlighted, while the first word of a selected resource is.

Journler Entry to iCal
This is an incredible script by BlueFrog and SkyWombat and an excellent example of how to use AppleScript to extend Journler’s functionality. The script sends an entry to iCal, sets an alarm for the item and links back to the entry from AppleScript. Great works guys!

Save Camino WebArchive to Journler
Here’s a quick one by wyzewoman at the Journler forums that takes advantage of GUI scripting. It grabs the URL from Camino and simulates Journler’s File > New Entry with Clipboard command . Depending on your media preferences you’ll get a new entry with the imported web archive or the url itself.

Send Entry to MarsEdit
Another great script that shows how quickly you can extend Journler’s functionality. Journler does blogging, but not as well as a pro blogger will need, so Jan created a script to send the html version of an entry to MarsEdit.. Works a charm for Journlers who lament the limited support for blogging.

The two Quicksilver scripts are by wyzewoman and are meant to be used from within Quicksilver. Combine them with Quicksilver’s incredible flexibility to run a quick search in Journler or add a new entry.

That’s it for the examples. I strongly encourage everyone who’s even a little interested in extending or customizing Journler to take a shot at it. The forum is a friendly place and the community may just be able to help you out if you run into problems.

As I find time I’ll post some more scripts to the blog. I also hope to set up an AppleScript repository where users can upload and share their own creations. In the meantime, if you have a great script and you’d like to see it featured send it my way and I’ll see about doing a quick post on it.

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  1. annieone Says:

    hi there, after finding out what big step you did with the latest version of journler i can’t live without anymore ;o) i am using it as (sort of GTD-) organizer and i very much appreciate all these available types of resources. do you think about implementing some kind of preview for jpgs/gifs as well (or sth like diashow in anyway, it is a very good app and it was my pleasure to paypal it twoday, thank you for this nice work ;o)))

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