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Adam Bell on Journler and Scripting Journler

Adam Bell recently posted a piece on scripting Journler for, which is this week’s cover article. Adam takes an in-depth look at Journler’s scriptability and offers solutions for advanced tasks such as backing up your journal, integrating Journler and Quicksilver and scripting Journler’s smart folders. From the post:

I wanted a simple, friendly GUI to a database of thoughts and ideas that was also a writing tool; in essence an easily searched, easily edited journal that would allow me to attach images and other media. I wanted this note manager/snippet collector to be scriptable (what else, coming from the editor of these pages?). I didn’t need a powerful (and expensive) database manager like DEVONThink; but I did want an elegant, inexpensive ($25, fully-functional demo), middle-of-the-road application for storing virtually anything and recovering it with a simple search from either its user interface or from a script.

Adam found Journler to be the right tool for the job and recommends MacScripter readers to give it a try. Adam also points to MacScripter’s Journler category as a repository for Journler Apple Scripts and suggests that interested users have a look at Journler’s own AppleScript and Automator forum. Check out enough of the posts there and you’ll stumble across Adam’s own extensive contributions made under the username NovaScotian. Be sure to say hi!

2 Responses to “Adam Bell on Journler and Scripting Journler”

  1. NovaScotian Says:

    Thanks for the plug, Phil. For general AppleScript support (that’s not Journler related), try the AppleScript BBS, part of

    As of Monday, July 9, 2007, the article will be archived in the unScripted section of Search for it there.

  2. NovaScotian Says:

    This article is now in the Archives: AppleScript Tutorial and Review of Journler

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