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Bi-weekly .Mac bandwidth reached, Journler download relocated

Edit: Yay! It’s the 16th and the downloads are working again.

Download Journler 2.5.3 here

I have reached the bi-weekly bandwidth limit on my .Mac account and the spigot has been turned off. External access to the account has been suspended until the 16th. Because I host the Journler download on my .Mac account, direct links to the Journler download from any number of sites are not working. Up until about five minutes ago the auto-update feature was also not working.

It blows my mind that I can move 125GB of a 9.8MB download in two weeks, but it is the case. I guess that’s a good thing! A maxed out .Mac account offers 250GB of monthly bandwidth, roughly 26,000 Journler downloads, but it is split into two periods for the month. The one begins on the 1st and the other on the 16th. If you surpass half the total during the first period, as I have, the download stream is disabled until the start of the second. This isn’t terrible. My account is still active, I just have to wait until the 16th for downloads to resume.

Until then I have implemented a temporary workaround. I am now hosting the Journler download from itself. If you tried to auto-updated earlier today and it did not work, give it another go. If you are looking to download Journler directly, you may use this direct download link instead. Sites which insist on having a hard link to a fixed location, such as VersionTracker and MacUpdate, will not work with the Journler download until the 16th.

11 Responses to “Bi-weekly .Mac bandwidth reached, Journler download relocated”

  1. dimatrod Says:

    Maybe providing a torrent might help reduce bandwidth usage? You could use a sort of tracker like the piratebay, so then people who use bittorrent might download the program from that medium rather than using up your bandwidth.

  2. sjt Says:

    It is really unfortunate that Apple doesn’t make some sort of exception for people like yourself who are providing everyone exceptional reasons for using Apple products!

  3. Phil Says:

    A torrent isn’t a bad idea, but I’m a bit of a control freak and would be wary of releasing an update on a network where the download could be manipulated and users get the wrong file. Maybe it’s possible to do a checksum on it, but users could still just search for “journler update” and get something else instead of using the provided torrent. Seems risky.

  4. Phil Says:

    I can get why Apple would need to regulate it though. I don’t know how much serious bandwidth costs, but Apple must have a huge number of .Mac users which must require a ridiculous amount of bandwidth. 125GB is a lot, 250 for the month. More than anything I’m surprised I even reach the limit. It’s the second time it’s happened.

  5. abhik Says:

    Why not use something like (AFAIK, they haven’t specified a max bandwidth usage) or Amazon’s S3.

  6. stylograph Says:

    contact me if you want some hosting for your downloads files only

  7. souldressing Says:

    If you need more bandwidth, let me know — I’d be happy to mirror for you. You put out a great product, and I feel that you deserve more support.

  8. Elfenwald Says:

    better late than never - just seen it.
    If you like another mirror (or actually two, one US based, one in Germany) - give me a shout.

    Can provide you with a subdomain and your own FTP account - so no prob for the control freak ;-)
    Its the least I can do for this project.

    Thanks for your work, mate - and keep it up!

  9. Erica Says:

    I’ll chime in here as another willing to offer some amount of hosting for a mirror. Get in touch if you wind up wanting to go this route. :) A well-mirrored download is perhaps less control than you like, but it’s also some security for the availability of your app (which rocks, btw).

  10. burnsrunner Says:

    I don’t understand why apple would want to regulate it either. It is a great product.

  11. arglborps Says:

    Just FYI
    I’ve been using for hosting for years now. You pay 6.95US$/month and get 350GB of space on their server. And the bandwidth limit is only there theoretically, because they offer 3.5 TB (yes that’s a “T” in there) per month.

    I’ve been running a popular podcast off that account and have never maxed out the bandwidth.
    They also offer WordPress one-click install with their Fantastico script collection. Highly recommendable.

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