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Bi-weekly .Mac bandwidth reached, Journler download relocated

July 14th, 2007

Edit: Yay! It’s the 16th and the downloads are working again.

Download Journler 2.5.3 here

I have reached the bi-weekly bandwidth limit on my .Mac account and the spigot has been turned off. External access to the account has been suspended until the 16th. Because I host the Journler download on my .Mac account, direct links to the Journler download from any number of sites are not working. Up until about five minutes ago the auto-update feature was also not working.

It blows my mind that I can move 125GB of a 9.8MB download in two weeks, but it is the case. I guess that’s a good thing! A maxed out .Mac account offers 250GB of monthly bandwidth, roughly 26,000 Journler downloads, but it is split into two periods for the month. The one begins on the 1st and the other on the 16th. If you surpass half the total during the first period, as I have, the download stream is disabled until the start of the second. This isn’t terrible. My account is still active, I just have to wait until the 16th for downloads to resume.

Until then I have implemented a temporary workaround. I am now hosting the Journler download from itself. If you tried to auto-updated earlier today and it did not work, give it another go. If you are looking to download Journler directly, you may use this direct download link instead. Sites which insist on having a hard link to a fixed location, such as VersionTracker and MacUpdate, will not work with the Journler download until the 16th.

Journler 2.5.3 Available

July 9th, 2007

Journler 2.5.3 is out and ready for download! Use Journler’s auto-update feature (Journler menu > Check for Updates) or Download Journler 2.5.3 now. For complete instructions on updating Journler, see below.

v2.5.3 is a maintenance release for the 2.5 series and is a recommend update for all Journler users. v2.5.3 features numerous improvements and a lot of behind the scenes work, including:

  1. German localization - many thanks to Andreas Häne
  2. Danish localization - many thanks to Preben Nielson
  3. Crash fix related to Safari 3 beta
  4. Fixed memory leak related to live word count
  5. Punctuation now allowed in smart folders, no apostrophes or quotes though
  6. Improved resource management
  7. Attachment drags from Mail now work
  8. Updated help files
  9. Many, many more improvements and additions

If you are updating Journler using the direct link provided above, follow these steps to install the new version:

  1. Quit Journler
  2. Download the disk image. It will mount on your desktop
  3. Drag the version of Journler on the disk image to your Applications folder or wherever you keep your Journler application. It is ok to replace the old version of Journler. Your journal data is stored elsewhere and will not be effected
  4. Once you have copied Journler to your Applications folder, you may close the disk image and trash it
  5. Run Journler 2.5.3. Journler may ask for access to your Keychain. This is normal and you should allow it

Be sure to check out the Journler Forums if you have any questions or run into any problems with the update. Enjoy!

Adam Bell on Journler and Scripting Journler

July 5th, 2007

Adam Bell recently posted a piece on scripting Journler for, which is this week’s cover article. Adam takes an in-depth look at Journler’s scriptability and offers solutions for advanced tasks such as backing up your journal, integrating Journler and Quicksilver and scripting Journler’s smart folders. From the post:

I wanted a simple, friendly GUI to a database of thoughts and ideas that was also a writing tool; in essence an easily searched, easily edited journal that would allow me to attach images and other media. I wanted this note manager/snippet collector to be scriptable (what else, coming from the editor of these pages?). I didn’t need a powerful (and expensive) database manager like DEVONThink; but I did want an elegant, inexpensive ($25, fully-functional demo), middle-of-the-road application for storing virtually anything and recovering it with a simple search from either its user interface or from a script.

Adam found Journler to be the right tool for the job and recommends MacScripter readers to give it a try. Adam also points to MacScripter’s Journler category as a repository for Journler Apple Scripts and suggests that interested users have a look at Journler’s own AppleScript and Automator forum. Check out enough of the posts there and you’ll stumble across Adam’s own extensive contributions made under the username NovaScotian. Be sure to say hi!

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