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Journler 2.5.4 beta for Leopard, blogging dropped, last donationware version

Journler 2.5.4 For Leopard
It’s a big day for Mac users. Mac OS X Leopard is available, and I’m certain many of you are already installing it. There are a lot of great changes to the OS, and developers have been busy preparing their applications.

Journler 2.5.4 beta is the pre-release version of Journler’s next incremental update. Journler 2.5.4 includes a number of changes, but most important for early Leopard adopters, it ensures compatibility with the new OS.

Although 2.5.4 is still in the beta stage, it is strongly advised that Leopard users update their copies of Journler. The current version of Journler sports a number of compatibility issues which 2.5.4 addresses. Of course, Mac OS Tigers users may update to the beta as well, but it is not necessary.

Download Journler 2.5.4 beta

Please note that it may be necessary to reset your password with this update. You’ll find the instructions at the Journler wiki: Resetting your Password. All beta users should enable auto-updating in Journler’s preferences and monitor the beta forum for announcements.

Journler Drops Support For Blogging
I have decided to drop blogging from Journler. I originally added blogging because it was a popular request, but I have never been able to fully realize the feature. Rather than continue to support a half-finished product which I feel reflects poorly on the overall quality of Journler, I chose to remove it. If you are a prolific or even causal blogger you will need to use another program such as MarsEdit or Ecto for that portion of your journaling.

Journler 2.5.4 is the Last Donationware Version of Journler
I intend to release the final version of Journler 2.5.4 by November 15th. This will be the last version of Journler to use donations or the dual license system. Slated for release in two to three months, Journler 2.6 will include a number of major improvements and fully take advantage of the new Leopard features. It will require a full license for all uses.

I have not come to this decision lightly. While there are many reasons why I have chosen to stop offering Journler as donationware, two stand out. First, Journler has grown too big. I am no longer capable of single handedly managing a project of this size. I require assistance and additional expertise, and both come at a price.

Second, I have come to the conclusion that the donationware model is not sustainable. Software development is what I do for a living, and while I have had some financial success, this is the second month I will not break even since Journler 2.5 was released. Software development is a cyclical business, I understand that, but I must be able to pay the bills consistently. And if I’m going to take on additional help, I’ll certainly need a steady income.

The pricing structure for Journler 2.6 will be announced at a later date. In the meantime, enjoy the 2.5.4 beta if you’re on Leopard, and keep an eye out for the final version in mid November if you’re not.

7 Responses to “Journler 2.5.4 beta for Leopard, blogging dropped, last donationware version”

  1. paul l Says:

    How can I find out if my version is donationware or an actual purchase? I honestly have no idea whether I donated or bought a license to this, and I want to make sure I don’t pay twice :)


  2. Phil Says:

    I just sent you an email.

  3. profetes Says:

    Why did you drop blogging? It was one of the features I used the most. It was very very useful. Of course I can always use Marsedit or ecto, but I like to have everything on one app. Wouldn’t it be possible to get it back?
    Thanks for a great app!

  4. Phil Says:

    Hi profetes, you can read more about why I decided to drop support for blogging here and here.

  5. tfindlay Says:

    I am so pleased to see that you are moving to a “pay-to-play” registration system. You may remember I have been advocating this approach all along. You deserve to make money on your very excellent product.

  6. wvoll Says:


    This is one of the best journalling OS X apps I have seen, I have been with you from the beginning and made a donation, I will gladly pay for this. But please, when you consider pricing keep, it under $50. There are very few apps that, IMHO, people will pay over $50 for. Don’t get me wrong I am not advocating setting the price at $50, just that is most I would personally pay, no more though. I believe a reasonably priced quality software would more than sustain you as a developer. BTW I am a developer as well. I just make software for the company I work for :)


  7. Phil Says:

    Don’t worry, pricing will definitely be under $50! I’m looking at the $30 range right now, which is towards the lower range of comparable apps.

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