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Journler 2.6 Beta 2 is Available

July 19th, 2011

Enable auto-updating in Journler’s Advanced preferences or select Check for Updates from the Journler menu.


  • Fixed 2.6b1 problem with deleting folders
  • Fixed 2.6b2 problem with deleting entries from trash
  • Project-wide replacement of int and unsigned with NSInteger and NSUInteger
  • Journler 2.6 For Lion and Snow Leopard is Beta!

    July 11th, 2011

    As promised back in February I have begun working on a Journler 2.6 compatibility upgrade for Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard and Mac OS 10.7 Lion users. Today I’m happy to announce that Journler 2.6 has gone beta and is available for download.

    Journler 2.6 is a compatibility upgrade. The goal is to produce an application with the same feature set as the current release which will continue to be viable for a number of years on recent and new versions of the Mac OS. There will be no new features, but there should be many fixes.

    The final release of Journler 2.6 is still quite some time away, but the application is in beta and beta updates should come regularly. If you have automatic update enabled in the application you will receive updates as they become available. I recommend that Snow Leopard and Lion users switch to the 2.6 version even though it is still in beta.

    I have a prepared a Journler 2.6 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) when I strongly recommend you read before downloading the 2.6 beta.

    Fixing bugs and getting help

    Although I am not taking feature requests for this update I will be fixing bugs! Old bugs, new bugs, Mac OS compatibility bugs. If it’s broke, I’d like to fix it. I need your help to get this done. If you encounter bugs in the 2.6 update, either features that have been broken on new versions of the Mac OS for some time, or bugs which I introduce as I modify the code, please let me know. I have set up a Contacts page for bug reporting and will be publicly tracking the issues and development.

    This Contacts page is also available for support related issues, but I ask that you please read the Journler 2.6 FAQ before submitting a report request. Emails can quickly get out of hand, as I’m sure you know.

    Once more, The Journler 2.6 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    For bug reports and support, Submit a Contacts Email

    To keep up with the issues and development, check out the Public Tracking Page and choose the Journler project at the top right.

    Open source Journler

    With Journler 2.6, official Sprouted development on the application will end. As also promised in February I will be open sourcing the complete Journler code base and releasing it to the public. I will very likely do this before the 2.6 release is complete.

    Nevertheless, there is still quite some work to do before I am comfortable releasing the source. Journler is a huge project. For the developers out there: I am undertaking a massive refactoring of the Journler code, replacing hundreds of calls to deprecated Mac OS APIs and switching to Objective-C 2.0 syntax. I’d like the bulk of this work to be completed before I release the code. The effort is already well under way. (1000+ lines of code deleted after switching to fast enumeration. Eep!)

    And the download

    And, finally, on to the download. You may download Journler 2.6 Beta 1 for Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard and Mac OS 10.7 Lion at the Downloads page.

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