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Mac Fanatic giveaway: free software, Journler included

April 24th, 2007

Mac Fanatic is celebrating 50,000 podcast downloads with the Mac Fanatic Software Giveaway. Thirteen software titles are available, including Journler, and you could win one of them! The contest is open to anyone with a valid email address. Participants have a chance at winning their selection from the available software, including Rapidweaver, Delicious Library and Paralleles Desktop among others. The contest is open from April 23 to June 1, 2007. Sign up at at the Mac Fanatic Contest page.

Whew! Journler 2.5.21 Quick Fix

April 23rd, 2007

Oh man what an experience. I managed to introduce a small bug into the 2.5.2 download that would prevent certain long time users from accessing their journals. Emails were coming in from all over the place, and it hadn’t even been 20 minutes since the post!

Luckily the problem was an easy fix and I’ve already posted an update. If you were one of the unlucky few, simply redownload Journler from the same location and install the update as you normally would.

Download Journler 2.5.2 + fix

Journler 2.5.2 Available

April 23rd, 2007

Just like the good ole days! Three weeks into 2.5.1, Journler 2.5.2 is available for download. If you’re already a Journler user, expect an automatic update or select Check for Updates from the Journler menu.

Journler 2.5.2 includes a number of fixes and improvements, and the interface has been modified to take into further account recent user interface reviews. The download is recommended for all users. A list of major changes follows. Enjoy!

  • Latest update of iLife media browser
  • Added custom label names
  • Added AAC QuickTime movie format to audio recorder
  • Storing relative path information in addition to alias when adding files
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for new window and new floating window
  • Fixed a memory leak with bookmarks bar
  • Fixed a bug with new, auto-tagged entries not immediately appearing in parent folders
  • Optimizing drawing in custom views
  • Fixed a problem with returning to journler via dock icon click when in full screen mode
  • Numerous user interface improvements

Journler 2.5.1 Available

April 4th, 2007

Journler 2.5.1 is a maintenance update for version 2.5. It corrects a number of problems and is a recommended update for all users. Download Journler 2.5.1. Changes include…

- Improved PDF workflow
- Improved preferences layout
- Improved fullscreen mode
- Fix for searching character based languages
- Fix when indexing WebArchive
- Fix when importing file packages
- Fix when relaunching while still running a toolbar search
- New Web Browser command for quickly surfing the net inside Journler
- Open in Floating Window command
- Permitting empty textual conditions in smart folders
- Help file corrections
- Numerous visual and other corrections

Once you’re installed and ready to go be sure to check out the Journler Forums for help and tips.

Journler Goes to the Presses

March 24th, 2007

Quick heads up. I have made available a Journler 2.5 press release. Many thanks to everyone at prMac for making this possible.

From the press release:

March 24, 2007 (Graz, Austria) In the early hours of March 24 Philip Dow announced the newest version to the popular Macintosh program, Journler. Six months in development, Journler v2.5 features numerous enhancements and makes it even easier for Mac users to keep a journal and manage their information.

It was a riot writing the release. You can tell I had a good time when you read it. Who would have thought that writing a press release could be so much fun? You get to brag a little, talk up the features. Everything becomes important. You make it so.

At the same time, there is some cool stuff in Journler. If you’re doing a write up and have any questions, do let me know.

Journler: Featured Download at Apple

March 24th, 2007

I had to take a screenshot of it! Journler is
the feature download at Apple Downloads Mac OS X. How exciting is that!

The response to Journler’s Thursday release has been incredible. Visits to doubled between Thursday and Friday, and that’s after they doubled midway through the month after a post at O’Reilly on Lex.

I would especially like to thank everyone who’s made a contribution since Thursday’s release. I’m having a tough time keeping up! I’d also like to thank everyone who is submitting bug reports. Your reports ensure that Journler keeps getting better, and although I’m taking a short break, I’ll be addressing them in no time.

Six months of work and the results are speaking for it! Can you tell I’m excited? I’m excited. I’m excited!

Journler 2.5 is Released! Immediately Available for Download

March 22nd, 2007

At 1.30am in Vienna, 8.30pm in New York City and 5.30pm in San Francisco, after six months of work, countless hours of lost sleep, bugs, crashes, fixes, additions, reports, requests, features and a lot of tea, the long awaited version 2.5 update to the Journler series was released. Folks, it’s here. Journler 2.5 is now available for download.

Journler 2.5 is the most recent update to the premier journaling program for the Macintosh. Flexible, powerful and elegant, Journler is a daily notebook and entry based information manager.

Scholars, teachers, students, professors, scientists, thinkers, the business minded and writers of every persuasion use it on a daily basis to connect the written word with the media most important to them. Powerful enough for the most demanding Macintosh user, yet simple enough for your mom.

Version 2.5 is packed full of features while remaining familiar to any Macintosh user. Among the new additions and changes…

  • Incredible new interface.
  • Faster and leaner thanks to better disk and memory management.
  • Infinite depth term-document relationships with the Lexicon.
  • Completely re-written AppleScript dictionary.
  • Spelling auto-correction, word count, URL recognition, curly quotes and wiki linking.
  • Smart folder auto-tagging.
  • The Drop Box and JPanel for getting stuff in.
  • Improved resource management and resource viewers, including the customizable media bars.
  • Mail integration so you can add, search and view Mail messages right in Journler.
  • Snapshot for adding pictures to your entries, just like video and audio.

Journler 2.5 is a recommended upgrade for those using previous versions of the program. The initial release is English only. Translations will begin appearing within the month.

Journler 2.5 implements a new license policy. Please ensure you are familiar with it.

Journler requires MacOS 10.4.9 or higher and is a universal binary.

Understanding the Journler License (v2.5) + Podcast

March 20th, 2007

Journler 2.5 will be available on Thursday, March 22. Just two days! Along with a host of fixes and new features comes a new license. For those of you who have been using Journler for some time, the license has changed, and I would like you to know what that means and why. For those of you who are just coming to the program, it is important to understand your rights and the terms of use.

In an effort to add a human element to this discussion, something I’ve thought about for at least half a year now, I’m also taking this opportunity to inaugurate The Journler Podcast. The new license is an excellent first topic for the podcast, which I’ll be dedicating to the work and issues that exist around Journler. Life as an indie developer is fascinating, and I’m hoping the podcast will permit me to better depict what that’s like. Finances and licensing are a part of it.

The Journler Podcast Episode 1: 10mins, 11Mb
Download Understanding the Journler License

In a word, there are now two licenses: the Personal Use License and the Non-Personal Use license, or professional license. With previous versions of Journler there had not been an explicit license policy. Now there is.

The Personal Use License remains donationware. Donationware is neither freeware nor shareware, although it is closer to the latter. Individuals using Journler in a personal capacity may use the program without restriction with regard to features or timespan. You will not be charged for your personal use of Journler, meaning the program is freely available. “Freely available” should be understood in terms of access. Personal, individual access to the program is not restricted in any way.

At the same time I am strongly requesting a contribution. Journler is my job. It is what I do. Without your support I cannot continue working on the program. If you cannot make a donation, do not worry. I don’t want anyone in a difficult financial situation to have to purchase Journler. I’m thrilled that you’re using the program and I want you to continue using it for as long as you like. At some point, when you’re in a better situation, remember me. At the same time, if you use Journler in a personal capacity and are financially capable of making a contribution, please do so.

The second license is the Non-Personal Use license, or what you might think of as the professional license. The Non-Personal Use license covers but is not limited to organizational, business, small business, government, professional, and academic use. If you use Journler beyond a personal capacity, alone or in tandem with colleagues, a license is explicity required. A single Non-Personal Use license costs $24.95, a deal when compared to similar programs on the market. Discounts are available for volume purchases. Get in touch with me and we’ll figure something out.

The basic idea behind changes to the license is fairness. There’s none of that thirty days nonsense, annoying reminders, superimposed warnings or greyed out menus. You are not a child. Simultaneously, if you are capable of purchasing the program or donating, do so. With these changes I’m working hard to stay true to my original intentions as the creator of Journler while also ensuring that I can continue working on the program under the conditions I am now.

Journler 2.5 Release Date Announced

March 14th, 2007

It’s official! Journler 2.5 will be released on Thursday, March 22. Read more.

Journler 2.5 is the long awaited, feature packed upgrade to the Journler series. Journler 2.5 features a new, simpler interface, modeless editing, the Lexicon, improved iLife and Mail integration, writer-in-mind features such as auto-correct spell checking and smart quotes, and a slew of other improvements and fixes. It is faster, stabler and more memory conscious. It’s six months in the making and so full of improvements I decided to skip four numbers and call it 2.5!

With the new version a new license policy has also been implemented. I’ll post the details tomorrow.

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