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Adam Bell on Journler and Scripting Journler

July 5th, 2007

Adam Bell recently posted a piece on scripting Journler for, which is this week’s cover article. Adam takes an in-depth look at Journler’s scriptability and offers solutions for advanced tasks such as backing up your journal, integrating Journler and Quicksilver and scripting Journler’s smart folders. From the post:

I wanted a simple, friendly GUI to a database of thoughts and ideas that was also a writing tool; in essence an easily searched, easily edited journal that would allow me to attach images and other media. I wanted this note manager/snippet collector to be scriptable (what else, coming from the editor of these pages?). I didn’t need a powerful (and expensive) database manager like DEVONThink; but I did want an elegant, inexpensive ($25, fully-functional demo), middle-of-the-road application for storing virtually anything and recovering it with a simple search from either its user interface or from a script.

Adam found Journler to be the right tool for the job and recommends MacScripter readers to give it a try. Adam also points to MacScripter’s Journler category as a repository for Journler Apple Scripts and suggests that interested users have a look at Journler’s own AppleScript and Automator forum. Check out enough of the posts there and you’ll stumble across Adam’s own extensive contributions made under the username NovaScotian. Be sure to say hi!

Jounler Receives 4.5 Mice in MacWorld Review!

June 13th, 2007

MacWorld has just posted its review of Journler. The verdict? Four and a half mice! How cool is that? Jason Cranford Teague writes…

Journler 2.5.2, by Philip Dow, may change the way you use your computer to write… Journler allows you to link all of the resources you need for writing—photos, Web links, e-mails, video, audio, other text documents, and even people—and lets you organize them around your written entries, which Journler then indexes for quick and easy searching… Journler 2.5.2 turns the basic word processor into a tool you can use to connect and organize your thoughts and ideas. Whether you need a tool to keep a daily blog, record project notes, or write a novel, if you own a Mac and use it to write, you should try Journler.

So if you haven’t done so already, be sure to give Journler a whirl. One bit of errata. Journler is not actually free for personal use as is stated in the article. I explicity request a donation. If you use and enjoy Journler for personal use please consider making that donation. It is how I make my living.

Journler featured in the TUAW podcast

May 24th, 2007

David Chartier has just released the 24th podcast for The Unofficial Apple Weblog, or TUAW. The piece is a screencast of Journler in action and highlights features such as smart folders, the drop box and video/audio recording. From the post:

This week’s podcast is a screencast of an app that I finally ‘get’ and have subsequently gone nutty for: Philip Dow’s Journler. It’s an app very much like Yojimbo, Mori and SOHO Notes in that it’s a journal/digital junk drawer for your work and life. For roughly fifteen minutes I cover some of the coolest features in Journler that both grabbed my personal attention and caused me to chose Mr. Dow’s excellent app as my new blogging tool of choice for penning most of my TUAW and Download Squad posts.

David’s cast is put together very well and is a great introduction to Journler. Check it out or grab the cast from TUAW’s iTunes directory.

Review at

April 11th, 2007

Just yestered Journler was reviewed at the French Mac site My French is somewhat limited, but the reviewer seems to be quite impressed and gave Journler a 9 out of 10, lamenting only the absence of syncing and a French language translation. From the article:

En terme de fonctionnalités, Journler est un logiciel extrêmement riche. Il offre un nombre important de petits plus qui rendent son utilisation agréable… Journler est un logiciel complet et bien pensé.

For Journler’s French speaking users, I’m happy to report that a French translation is in the works. I’m moving slowly and carefuly with the translations, but I do promise it’s on the way along with a number of other localizations.

Journler, MacOS X and the Easy Life at O’Reilly

March 12th, 2007

Giles Turnbull writes in an O’ opinion piece how moving his mom to a Mac has simplifed her computing experience and done away with those pesky PC problems. When his mum needed a program for her writings, what did Giles suggest?

She happily uses Mail and Safari, and keeps almost everything else she needs to write (letters, creative writing, and notes) inside Journler. (I recommended she use this, as it removes the need to save everything she writes as individual document files - Journler does all the saving work on her behalf, freeing up her mind for the creative stuff.)

Journler: powerful enough for the most demanding user, simple enough for your mom. =)

Journler at The Apple Blog

March 7th, 2007

The Apple Blog takes a look at a number of note taking applications in the note taking application faceoff. Journler is well received, with the author of the post pointing out that Journler is suited for both journaling and taking notes…

Journler is one of the more full-featured applications in it’s genre. It’s got everything from iWeb integration to video/audio note recording.

The aspect it takes on note taking/writing is in the form of a journal (hence the name). So while its main function certainly is geared more towards daily input, it still works very well for information gathering and jotting notes.

The writer does voice concern for “some loose ends that just aren’t tied up.” Watch out! ‘Cause 2.5 is right around the corner.

Journler on

March 7th, 2007, a sleek new site on all stuff pop culture from the same people who brought you Bravotv takes a look at Journler

Throw anything into it: your thoughts, PDFs, emails, images, random scraps of information, and Journler will keep it all organized. You can make quick audio recordings or take videos and save them. It also has great integration with iLife … There are other info managers available, but we think Journler has the best combo of features, functionality, and stability.

The writers lament the lack of .Mac syncing, a make or break feature for many users. But fear not! I’ve been brainstorming this for some time and plan to take a crack at it once MacOS 10.5 Leopard is released.

Robert Daeley talks about his favorite writings apps at oreillynet

March 7th, 2007

Over at O’Reilly Robert Daeley offers a summary of his favorite writing applications for the Mac, Journler among them. It’s a well balanced look at a number of programs and how they complement one another. Just using Journler but find that it doesn’t meet all of your needs? Poke around a bit and you may find the perfect companion. Chances are Journler will play nice.

Journler is Download of the Day at LifeHacker

March 7th, 2007

Back in December Journler was the download of the day at LifeHacker. Here’s what they had to say…

“Similar to previously-mentioned Yojimbo (without the price tag), Journler lets you manage information, small and large, from bits of text to audio and video, with one tool. You can tag and categorize every entry you make to Journler, which means you can make mad use of Journler’s Smart Folders to organize everything. If you’ve been looking for a personal information manager, Journler looks like it might have the upper hand to Yojimbo - and best of all, it’s freeware.

Things have changed a bit since that post, and Journler is now somewhere in between freeware and shareware, depending on your needs and use. The license isn’t the only thing that’s changed. Journler 2.5 is quickly approaching release, and it’s one heck of an update! Read More

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