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The Journler Screencast (TJS) Goes Beta

March 7th, 2007

In order to facilitate the use of Journler as a powerful if not obviously so writing and information management application, I’ve begun creating screencasts. To quote WikiPedia, “A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output, often containing audio narration.”

A little technical, eh? All that means is you get to watch a movie of me using Journler as I explain what I do. Now, you aren’t going to actually see me. All you see is what is on my screen. But you will hear me, and I promise I’m not a bore.

The first three screencasts are already up, atlhough they’re geared towards 2.5 beta testing. The plan is to go in-depth on a Journler feature in what should become a weekly installment.

TJS Episode 1 : Customizing the Mediabar
This episode covers the media bar and how to customize it with the help of AppleScript to best suite your needs. The customizable media bar is a potentially very powerful, already very flexible addition to the Journler interface. Read more.

TJS Episode 2 : Understanding Resource Ownership
With the Feb 28 Journler 2.5 beta it is now possible for the same resource to appear in more than one entry. On the surface of things, this seems a simple enough feat, but behind the scenes a lot is going on to ensure this works. This screencast takes a closer look at resource ownership. Read more.

TJS Episode 3 : Autosharing Resources
When you add new resources to your entries, Journler looks at your already existing resources and re-uses them where the ecompassed data is the same. This allows you to see connections between entries according to the resources they share, connections that may not have otherwise been apparent. Read more.

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