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March 27th, 2007

So I’ve started a shotcast, is what I’m calling it. If there’s already a name for this let me know.

I’m going to start taking pictures of Journler while it’s doing something. Usually that means writing an entry or viewing a pdf, something like that, but I just realized I could browse and post to the user forums using Jourlner’s web browser.

How cool is that!? I’m discovering things! The developer discovers new uses for the program he created? Apparently.

I thought that would be a neat topic for posts, a Using Journler snapshot, the less aparent the use the better. So “In the Eyes of Journler…” Maybe I’ll change it to Shotcast. Sounds more daring.

pilot entry
The Journler Forum

PS: I even did this blog post in Journler! Tip: disable the Wordpress visual editor. Works a charm.

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