Journler 2.6 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

For information on backing up your journal or accessing your files and entries outside of Journler, scroll down to the bottom of this FAQ.

What is Journler 2.6?
Journler 2.6 is a Mac OS compatibility update for Snow Leopard and Lion users. The goal is to produce a viable product that will continue to function on recent and future versions of the Mac OS.

Can I use Journler 2.6 on Mac OS 10.4 Tiger or Mac OS 10.5 Leopard?
No you cannot. Journler 2.6 is only for Mac 10.6 or greater.

Is this the rebirth of Journler?
No it is not. Version 2.6 will be the last official release. After Journler 2.6 is released Sprouted involvement in Journler development will end.

Why are you releasing version 2.6?
I understand that many individuals continue to use Journler. Some swear by it. The update will allow individuals who prefer Journler over other applications to continue using it. It also provides me with some closure, which is important.

Is Journler 2.6 ready for release? Should I update to it?
Journler 2.6 is currently in beta testing. If you are running Mac OS 10.6 or 10.7 (Snow Leopard or Lion), you should upgrade to version 2.6 even though it is still in beta testing. Version 2.5 is untested on these versions of the Mac OS, but version 2.6 beta will be regularly tested and updated until it is ready for release.

Is my data safe with Journler 2.6?
Yes. Journler 2.6 does not change the way it accesses your data. It is still a good idea to back up your journal. For information on backing up your data, or if you need immediate access to your data outside Journler, scroll down to the bottom of this FAQ.

Does everything work in the 2.6 update?
I don't know. It is possible certain functionality is broken in the update. But if it is broken in v2.6, it is probably also broken in the previous release. It will, however, only be fixed in version 2.6.

Will everything work when the 2.6 update is completed?
I hope so. Certainly I intend to ensure that core functionality is working. Some features, especially those which rely on 3rd party code, may be dropped.

Will you be adding any new features to Journler 2.6?
No, Journler 2.6 is a compatibility update only. There will be no new features, and feature requests will be ignored.

What about bugs? Will you be fixing any old or new problems?
Yes! If you're aware of a bug, please file a bug report at the Contacts page.

I tried the 2.6 update and don't want to use it anymore. Can I switch back to the 2.5 release?
Yes. The upgrade does not affect your data in any way. Simply run the original Journler application and you should be good to go.

Do you recommend people continue to use Journler?
Sure, if the application works well for you. If you are considering a Journler purchase, be aware that version 2.6 will be the last update. If this is unacceptable you should find an alternative.

What about my license? Will it work for this update?
Yes, as promised some time ago your license will work for the 2.6 update.

I want to update but I don't have a license. Must I purchase Journler?
Must you? I've never successfully enforced the Journler license policy, and I won't be enforcing it in the 2.6 update. Should you? If you've used Journler in the past and continue to use Journler, you should purchase a license. Go do it right now.

I need support help. Are you still assisting users?
I will be, although how successful your request is depends on the nature of the inquiry and on whether you have donated to or purchased Journler in the past. See our Contacts page for more info.

You mentioned open sourcing Journler. Is this still the plan?
Yes it is! I haven't yet decided on the timeframe, but more likely than not the complete Journler project will be open sourced at some point during beta development rather than after the final release.

What about this Per Se application? Is it a replacement for Journler?
Per Se is the new casual journaling application from Sprouted. It is purely a daily journal. Journler, on the other hand, is a full blown information manager. Per Se is not a replacement for Journler, but it's still quite nice. Check it out here.

Will you ever develop a replacement for Journler?
Ahh, if I just answered yes to that question there wouldn't be any mystery, now would there?

Never mind everything else, I need immediate access to my data! Help!
Read on.

How do I find my data?
Journler stores you data in one of two places by default. You will find a Journler folder in either your Home/Library/Application Support folder or in your Home/Documents folder. All of your Journler data is in this folder.

In Mac OS 10.7 Lion the Home/Library folder is hidden. From the Finder, choose the Go > Go to Folder menu and type in ~/Library/ then navigate to your Application Support folder.

I've found my data. How do I back it up?
That's up to you. You can archive the entire Journler folder, put it on a disk image, or copy it to another location or to another hard drive. Just make sure you archive / store / copy the entire Journler folder itself and not just its contents.

I've found my data. How do I access my entries and files?
Look inside the "Journler Entries" folder in that main Entries directory. You'll see a number of "Entry X" folders, where X is a number.

Look inside one of these folders and you'll see a file named "_Text.jrtfd". Right-click or control-click on that file and choose "Show Package Contents".

You'll see a File called "Entry.rtfd". That is the textual contents of your entry in a rich text standard file. You can open it up with Text Edit or any other text application. All of your entries are stored in this manner in each of those Entry X folders.

If an entry had files associated with it you will find them in the Resources folder of that Entry X directory.

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