Features: A closer look at Journler

Interested in Journler? Be sure you have read the Journler 2.6 announcement and looked over the FAQ. Journler 2.6 will be the last official version of Journler. Journler will then be open sourced and Sprouted development on Journler will end.

The Drop Box & JPanel

AppleScript Support Journler is the perfect place to store your documents and media, and the JPanel makes it easy to get those files into your journal. Whether you're using the included PDF Workflow, the service menu, dragging to the dock icon or placing a file or clipping in Journler's Drop Box, the JPanel routes your data with speed and elegance.

The JPanel is designed to fit in your workflow. When you activate it, the panel floats above the other windows on screen without activating the rest of Journler's interface. Using only the keyboard you are able to change the category, tags and titles of the new entries as well as specify a drop location for them. Autotagging is of course supported so that when you choose a smart folder your new entries will have all the right attributes, right away.

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