Features: A closer look at Journler

Interested in Journler? Be sure you have read the Journler 2.6 announcement and looked over the FAQ. Journler 2.6 will be the last official version of Journler. Journler will then be open sourced and Sprouted development on Journler will end.

Full Feature List

iLife Integration

Text alone often cannot express an idea. The wonder on your child’s face when she took her first steps, the view from an Alpine summit after a four hour tour with friends or the song that played as you and your lover first kissed. Words can only say so much.

Stunning iLife Integration

Journler features incredible iLife integration. Many thanks to Greg Hulands and the crew for their work here. With one click access you are able to include in your entries photos, images, movies and bookmarks from iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie and Safari. It is all of your creative media and more in a single location. It is the fulfillment of Journler’s philosophy: text and media united in creative endeavor. And when you combine it with iWeb and Mail integration as well as iPod support, you have a single, gorgeous program that brings all of your creative work together.

Address Book Integration

Jourler includes address book support, giving you immediate access to everyone in your address book. Select a name from the list and click insert. Journler will add the address to your entry’s text as an email or webpage link. Click on it to view the address book record directly in Journler, thanks to Journler’s inline media viewer.

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