Features: A closer look at Journler

Interested in Journler? Be sure you have read the Journler 2.6 announcement and looked over the FAQ. Journler 2.6 will be the last official version of Journler. Journler will then be open sourced and Sprouted development on Journler will end.

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The Spoken Word

Journler was created largely because Phil can move his hands over the keyboard with a speed and nimble lightness that cannot be matched by paper and pen. For many, the native voice is an even better alternative. If you have any input device attached to your computer, that is, a microphone or something similar, you can add audio recordings to your entries. If you own an iBook or Powerbook, you already have a microphone.

Thanks to updates in v1.1.5, the record center is super easy to use. You can immediately begin recording using the default settings. Just press record and start talking.

When you’re finished recording, Journler encodes the entry into an mp3 and, if you want, adds the file to your iTunes music library under the title, artist, and album you have specified. By default Journler also adds the entry to the “Journler” playlist so that it will automatically be downloaded to your iPod.

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