Features: A closer look at Journler

Interested in Journler? Be sure you have read the Journler 2.6 announcement and looked over the FAQ. Journler 2.6 will be the last official version of Journler. Journler will then be open sourced and Sprouted development on Journler will end.

  • Word processing capabilities
  • Audio, video and photo entries
  • iLife integration: iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie and Safari bookmarks as well as iWeb, Mail and Address Book support
  • Awesome importing/exporting capabilities
  • Print and export a single entry, collections of entries, or any date range
  • The Lexicon for discovering connections between your entries
  • The Drop Box and JPanel for getting stuff in
  • Much more!

Journler 2.5 is a daily notebook and entry based information manager. Scholars, teachers, students, professors, scientists, thinkers, the business minded and writers of every persuasion use it on a daily basis to connect the written word with the media most important to them. Below are just a few of the features Journler has to offer, to see more features visit the Full Feature List.

What else can Journler do for you? Click here for a full feature list

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